CCMP Spotlight

Featured CCMP Certificant: Leia Patzernuk

 Why did you decide to pursue the CCMP

Once I had heard about the CCMP, I knew it was a credential that I wanted to pursue.  I’ve been a change management practitioner for 10+ years, both internally focused, and provided external consulting support for other organizations embarking on technology related change initiatives.  When looking into my options, I really felt that the ACMP Standard provided an understandable and structured approach to change. Like so many others, I had investigated other options, but felt this one was most appropriate given the strategic nature, as well as the flexibility to apply it to any change initiative, not just internal organizational excellence projects.  In addition, the requirement for the years of experience helped solidify that I would be in good company, and would feel confident in adding the CCMP to my signature.


How did you prepare for the CCMP

Preparation for the CCMP included diving deep into the Standard.  I wanted to ensure that I not only understood but had experience in each of the elements covered.  To support my self-paced learning, I also attended a course provided by jTask Inc., which was extremely helpful in bringing the Standard to life for me, which included some great discussion with both Roger (the trainer), and the other attendees.  Finally, I spent time using the ACMP flashcards and materials to really reinforce the content, and ensure that I knew and could use the principles covered.


How has earning the CCMP benefited you personally and professionally

The CCMP Certification has been a great addition to my skill set.  Not only am I able to provide a structured approach to change, but I’m able to effectively consult with others, and provide recommendations that help drive success.  As well, I’ve been able to share my skills and experience with my team members, allowing us to provide improved change management services and offerings for the organizations that we support, really improving the customer experience.


CCMP Spotlight: April 2018 – Betsy Bond

Name: Betsy Bond of Bonding Change

Why did you decide to pursue the CCMP?
I joined ACMP in 2012 and learned the certification was in the works, and I knew then I’d be an early adopter of a certification dedicated to the change management discipline. I volunteered to help with the CCMP launch and was part of the beta group that tested the first release of the exam.

How did you prepare for the CCMP?
I read the ACMP Standard and Code of Ethics several times, and took notes to help solidifying the points in my memory. I also used JTask’s deck of cards to test my recall of the elements within the standard, and I kept playing it until I got it consistently correct.

How has earning the CCMP benefited you personally and professionally?
Certainly there is a sense of accomplishment to have the certification, and I often take the opportunity to explain CCMP to recruiters and hiring organizations. As awareness grows for the certification, it will help me stand out in the crowd as more and more people join the change management profession. Thanks ACMP!


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