Reflections on ACMP Regional Conference Toronto


Meet Cynthia Coulos – she was the winner of our Social Media contest, and won her registration to the ACMP Regional Conference in Toronto, compliments of ACMP Global. We asked her to share her conference experience with us.


It was a wonderful and welcome surprise to win free registration to the ACMP Toronto Regional conference! I had high expectations going in and it turned out to be even better than I hoped. It was the perfect opportunity to recharge and get connected with professionals in the same field. The learning and networking options offered a welcome forum to reconnect with former colleagues and make new connections from our area as well as across Canada and even Australia.

The learning opportunities I experienced were so applicable to a new role I’ve undertaken where I am responsible to lead the development of our enterprise-wide change management function and competency. I appreciated the perspective of the two sides of the coin of “change management” and “managing change”. The session highlighted how the practice of change management and the managing change competency need to work together to prepare, equip and support people during change. Delving into the world of neuroleadership and how to leverage it to thrive and embrace change offered new innovative thinking to incorporate into leading change, both for practitioners and change leaders. The sessions on the power of leading change at the enterprise level provided me a roadmap to follow as I work to build that approach within my organization.

I appreciated the opening session with Chip Bell and his work on innovative stakeholder engagement. It was an unexpected beginning to the conference not only because Chip is so engaging himself but also because the link to the change management practice may not initially seem apparent. However Chip highlighted innovative and creative strategies that propelled me to think how I could incorporate them into a challenge many of us have around sponsor, leadership and people engagement. In this world of competing messages and volumes of messages, it is a sound strategy to look at unique, engaging tactics to delight and captivate our stakeholders. The sessions on measurement were also impactful as well because I struggle, as many of my colleagues do, with measuring the impact of a structured change management approach on realizing business results and helping individuals adopt and embrace change.

I want to thank ACMP Global and ACMP Toronto for the opportunity to win the free registration. I found so much value in attending the conference and walked away with an invigorated commitment to helping my organization embrace the appropriate structure to managing the people side of change.

Cynthia Coulos
Director, Total Rewards and Organizational Effectiveness,