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Featured Change Maker: February 2018


This month’s Change Maker is Carlos Calderon. Below Carlos shares his experience as a change management professional as well as provides his perspective on the profession.


From your experience and vantage point what are the core change drivers businesses and organizations face today? 

Well, I have been in the Change Management field for a couple of years, but I can say that technology is the number one change driver and businesses and organizations know this, but sometimes they do little (or nothing) to prepare their employees for change,


What is your vision for change management as a profession? 

I would like to see companies using change management approaches on their many projects so people understand and adapt to these changes faster.


Without getting into details what has been your toughest change effort project to date?

There have been so many changes in my life in the past years, but the biggest change was career changing. I went to the university for Telecommunication Engineer and now I am in Change Management lol 


What advise would you have for someone interested in profession of change management? 

Simple, Change Management is a skill that everybody should have regardless the profession you are in because we experience changes every second. And if you like helping others, this is also a satisfying 


Can you please give a brief narrative of your areas of specialty or strengths within the change management domain? 

As I said I have been in the field for a couple of years now and always surrounded by Change Agents which give me so much wisdom. Thanks to that, I can say that my strengths are mainly in people’s reactions to change and change resilience. 

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