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Featured Change Maker: October 2017


This month’s Change Maker is Gerlinde Weger. Below Gerlinde shares her experience as a change management professional as well as provides her perspective on the profession.


From your experience and vantage point what are the core changes businesses and organizations face today?

The core change I see in business is the pace of change.  Working as a change management lead, more and more, I need to craft strategies and plans that take ‘change saturation’ into account.  As part of change assessments, an increasingly important question is the quantity and complexity of total change that the stakeholders have underwent and is planned for them.  This requires greater collaboration amongst change management leads within the organization to harmonize our change strategies to create a consolidated change for the stakeholder.


What is your vision for change management as a profession?

My vision for change management is for us as a profession, to work towards increased contribution and participation with business leaders in crafting their business strategies.  The lens change management brings to the strategy table is a critical eye on what it will take for successful implementation in what time horizon to achieve the benefits the strategy is seeking to attain.  Care is needed that we, as a profession, leverage our methodology strategically to contribute to optimal business growth.


Without getting into details what has been your toughest change effort project to date ?

My toughest change effort project has been one where the business lead, who ‘supported’ the change management strategy did not support the change management tactics within the plans.  Putting the inherent frustration aside, their dismissal of the plans undermined the credibility of change management and the ability to effect change.


What advice would you have for someone interested in profession of change management?

My advice would be 3 fold: 1) determine if you wish to be a change management consultant or within an organization full-time. 2) continue to self-educate; read on change management and complimentary disciplines like neuroscience and business strategy and 3) network with like-minded individuals to create your professional community.


Can you please give a brief narrative of your areas of specialty or strengths within the change management domain? 

My area of strength is based on my experience:  Having worked around the world and across industries, I have a unique perspective on how people change depending on their situation.  Leveraging the learning from my first career, advertising (the industry of getting people to change), my approach to communications for change management is focused on the message of change. Working with business optimization teams, the starting point of my change management approach is to identify the benefits an initiative is to realize and have that as the scope of the change management strategy for that specific initiative.


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