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Featured Change Maker: March 2018


This month’s Change Maker is Richard Batchelor. Below Richard shares his experience as a change management professional as well as provides his perspective on the profession.


From your experience and vantage point what are the core changes businesses and organizations face today?

Digital Transformation, Cultural ambiguity and disruption are all key areas that businesses are facing a new. We have moved from implementation projects towards wholescale transformations that require a new mindset in the workplace which often requires, sudden unpredictable responses.


What is your vision for change management as a profession?

Being the space that is recognized for knowing how change effects people, organizations, communities and more, and can work with those affected to support them through the delicately balanced pathway of change activities needed to take them not just to where they need to be but where they are engaged to want to be.


Without getting into details what has been your toughest change effort project to date ?

Working on the centralization of a global procurement service, from almost 100 countries to one single location, while introducing a new software system and outsourced tier 1 activity to a third party. It involved 160, 000 employees and was a challenging experience but great fun to have such a scope to work with.


What advice would you have for someone interested in a profession of change management?

Many people have ended up in the profession by default, but if considering it as a career move, I would recommend reviewing your own emotional intelligence, to ensure you have the emotional strength to deal with the emotion of others as change management is all about the people and how best to respond. If you are not comfortable dealing with ambiguity, people and making mistakes, its not for you!


Can you please give a brief narrative of your areas of specialty or strengths within the change management domain? 

I primarily focus on Strategic Change, Culture change, multinational changes and educating others in change management

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