Volunteer Spotlight

Featured Volunteer: January 2018

Name: Sameer Masood
Years with ACMP: 1 year
Role with ACMP Toronto: I am part of the Toronto Professional Development and Programming Committee. I am actively working on building opportunities for the local community to share skills, knowledge and experiences with ACMP Toronto.


How long have you been with ACMP?

I recently joined ACMP after learning about it through my interest in CCMP.
I have had the chance to volunteer in a few events and have always found them to be a great way to connect with other Change leaders and most importantly learn.



Where do you work and what is your role there?

I work at Impact Change, we build and empower Change Management competencies in leaders and organizations. I am the principal director and oversee product development, strategy and business development.


Best advice you’ve received in regard to change management?

What comes to mind is this quote I recently read:

“We have minds that are equipped for certainty, Linearity, and short-term decisions that must instead make long term decisions in a non-linear, probabilistic world” – Paul Gibbons


Hobbies/activities outside of work?

I stay active with soccer and occasional gym visits, I love ordering books online and writing reviews  , and I travel when I can.


What do you think is the most interesting fact about you?

I have lived in Nigeria, Dubai and Canada – evenly split. I enjoyed each of those experiences which have paved my ability to lead and manage Change.


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