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ACMP Toronto is pleased to introduce our members to you~curve.  The you~curve change approach brings together two critical concepts – the stages of change, and personality type of team members.

Regardless of the shift an organization is implementing, individuals experience that change as a process with various stages along the way. People have unique needs at each stage of the process and it is critical to ensure team members don’t get “stuck” at any particular stage.

Each individual also brings their own unique needs shaped by previous experiences and by personality. The ability of individuals and leaders to recognize this style is another way to adapt to their needs during change.

The power of you-curve is in bringing these two concepts together to minimize disruption and reduce the time to adoption. The approach can be customized to different models of change stages and personal style tools you use with your clients or organization.

These two concepts are brought together graphically that is easy to use and simple to for all stakeholders to understand. This unique measure of the people side of change provides an accountability for reporting, ensures the techniques and skills really do get used and these are all scalable for any size change or organization.

You-curve is dedicated to providing tools and programs that are practical, easy to implement and effective. It is a totally customizable approach that can integrate and compliment your change “tool box”.

To find out more about how you-curve can help you, your clients and your organization, visit the you-curve web site at you-curve.com, or reach out to Dave Soock via email (daves@you-curve.com) or phone (905-467-9165).

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